Thursday, February 25, 2010

When i was a young boy i was very afraid of the dark. All the way up until i was about ten years old i had my dad come turn the light off in my room before bed. Some days i was feeling pretty brave and i would start in the hallway, then i would run through my doorway, turn off the light while i was running, and then jump to my bed. the hard part was that i had a bunkbed. Having a bunkbed made it really hard to get under the covers fast because of course i slept on the top bunk. I knew that as soon as i got under the covers i would be safe from the ghosts and monsters that wanted to eat me. one way i counteracted my fear of the darkness is that i sometimes used a night light. I thought if i could see the monsters coming at me i could jump out of my window before they got to me. The funny thing is, my room was on the top floor of a two story house.
Now days im afraid of fish. I was when i was little too but im still afraid of them now. I just hate being in the fishes' domain and i cant do anything to get away. I hate swimming in the deep end of any lake. i like pools